Abrar Nagar, Kalyanpur, Lucknow - U.P.
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Founder's Message

The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done. Men who are creative, inventive and discoverers.

Jean Piajet

I am very pleased to see that Foster Academy is continuing to grow from strength to strength with each passing year.

Kudos to the entire Foster family for their praiseworthy efforts! I belive that in the years to come, armed with commitment and perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge and education, Foster Academy will contiue to prosper and serve the society.

The school should be a place where children are encouraged to say 'I see it, I get it , I can do it'. And I feel very proud that Foster Academy with it's aim and vision is excelling in all spheres. At present, our main stress is in developing a good sense of discipline an moral values within the ever-changing norms of society. Children these days are much more senstive; they possess very heigh self steam an belive in independent thinking. Therefore, we ensure that the approach to motivate and get the best out of the children is based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behaviour. Our educational philosophy is centered on praise, encouragement and enthusiasm and affection. We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and good moral character, where all students are expected to conform to high diciplinary standards and to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity and fortitude.

I am confident that Foster Academy will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in pursuit of academic exellence and in fulfillment of the school motto: "Education for Exellence".