Abrar Nagar, Kalyanpur, Lucknow - U.P.
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The six skill areas which are given equal impetus at this school are Language Development, Cognitive Development, Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Personal Awareness and Socio-emotional Development. The salient features pertaining to academics are :-


1. Our teaching model at Pre-Primary level includes - project method, multiple intelligence, play-way, montessori method and theme based model.
2. We create homely atmosphere away from home where teaching and learning are fun.
3. A child oriented teaching is conducted.
4. The letters of language are introduced through phonetics with the help of songs and animations.
5. Introduction of paper cutting, pasting, handling of model materials for fine motor co-ordination.
6. Nature study through observations and enjoyment.
7. Rhymes and songs are introduced using multimedia gadgets.
8. Excursions/Picnics are also organized from time to time.


1. Stress is laid on language development through communication skills.
2. Strenuous efforts are made for improvement of hand writing and development of confidence.
3. Rote learning is discouraged and Project based study of social and life sciences are conducted to motivate self learning.
4. Encouragement of co-operative and comprehensive learning style for better academic competence and growth.